The safety of our staff and customers is important to us here at Phoenix Laundry Central Coast. We have extra hygienic systems in place for everyone’s health. We are still providing a delivery and pick up service however with precautions in place. Our laundry is washed and dried on a hotter setting to assist in destroying germs and when bagging clean laundry we are spraying them with glen 20 prior to sealing bags.

Phoenix Laundry would like to thank all our customers for their continued support.

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Business as usual

Phoenix Laundry Central Coast is up and running as per normal. We are still offering a pick up and delivery service. We can help with your laundering of clothes, linen, ironing, etc. We are happy to a


Our friends at Dexter have provided us with the following information. Coronavirus Tips for Safe Laundry Care: Keep doing laundry! Regular cleaning will prevent the spread of the disease as the virus